Thursday, January 7, 2010

!ul.. - "!ul.." (2007)

!UL.. "!UL.."

Year: 2007
Genre: Blackened Metalcore
Country: Czech Republic

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Vteriny Osudu
  3. Hrdina
  4. Mit Srdce
  5. Sereme Na Vaseho Boha
  6. Nechteli Jsme Nic, Mame Toho Vic
  7. Narod Mrtveho Slunce

The band's name makes not much sense (maybe it's from Czech word which means "hive"), but the music is good. If you like Timebomb and XDeclarationX, you'll definitely like !ul. The first few tracks are metalcore (in the vein of another Czech straight edge metalcore band, XNidalX), and the following tracks are getting more and more close to black metal. The quality of production is very good, and I think I'm starting to like Czech scene more and more.

P.S. The name of track#5 translates as "Fuck Your God" or something like that, am I right?


  1. Úl is bee-hive.

  2. yeah Sereme Na Vaseho Boha = Fuck your God be more accurately, We fuck your god

  3. I am from CZ.

    # Vteriny Osudu - seconds of destiny
    # Hrdina - heroe
    # Mit Srdce - have heart
    # Sereme Na Vaseho Boha
    # Nechteli Jsme Nic, Mame Toho Vic - We didn´t want more, we have more
    # Narod Mrtveho Slunce - nation of death sun

  4. Yey and Sereme Na Vaseho Boha is We Shit on Your god

  5. Shit..Fuck..its the from Slovakia

  6. wrong translation

    The seconds of a destiny, hero, to have a heart, we shit (fuck) on your god, we wanted nothing but have more of that, the nation of a dead sun....

  7. ul are much more older band that nidal. they released a great demo few years ago, i like it much more than this album. but it was with another singer, later he sung for lakmé and dakhma

  8. I´m from Czech Republic and I have the CD. At first the first song is not Intro, but Proč? (Why?) and next songs are Seconds of Fate, Hero, To have a heart, we fuck your god, we wanted nothing, we´ve got more and nation of dead sun... Buy their CD´s and support them, you have also English translations of their lyrics in booklet.

  9. old singer's new blackmetal band: vegans etc.... also with members of gattaca (who will have a split lp with (a)xidanc(e) soon):