Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Slaughter 2017 - "New World Non-Corporated" (2008)

SLAUGHTER 2017 "New World Non-Corporated"

Year: 2008
Genre: Industrial Hardcore/Metal
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Nin
  2. In The Web
  3. Ranksman
  4. The Strike
  5. The Dead Remain Young
  6. Set The World On Fire (E-Type cover)
  7. Despiter Song
  8. Kill Slave In You I
  9. Kill Slave In You II
  10. The Dead Remain Young (Spirit Power mix)

Engineer - vocals, PC, guitars
Kirk - vocals
Napalm - guitars
Q.P. - bass
Venceremos - drums

I don't post much music of that kind in my blog, but I found this release very interesting. Slaughter 2017 is an industrial/alternative metal band from Moscow which holds radical left-wing beliefs (based mainly on marxism, but they're anarcho-frienldy too), and they're one of a few metal bands to state these views very explicitly. From their myspace:

"The teeth-grinding machine Slaughter2017 was launched in summer 2006 by vocalist and guitar player Engineer and drummer Venceremos. Soon the demo "In the Name of Equality" was recorded in the corporation with the female vocalist Olga. Before the Slaughter idea was realized a tandem Venceremos-Engeneer attacked The Wall not for the first time by working on project (2005), participating in protest fests and left opposition actions. All that experience consequently determined basic Slaughter indexes: the hardest sound, politically aimed lyrics, extreme left-radical positions of the band’s members... We hope that the unity in music will become a clear and persuasive call to the united activities in the struggle against common evils: social injustice, racism and the tyranny of the state. We are united in love for the heavy music and in hate for capitalism!"

"New World Non-Corporated" is their first full-length album, and it's not bad for the debut release. Though it is obviously made by people who're listening mostly to punk and red&anarchist skinhead music, and have no deep knowledge of metal. That's because some tracks on "New World Non-Corporated" sound too much like Slipknot or Soulfly, which is kind of disappointment to me - I'd prefer if they sound more like Pitchshifter or Fear Factory. Anyway, their music is enough catchy, powerful, and aggressive. Personally I like such tracks as "The Dead Remain Young" and "Set The World On Fire" (which is a cover version of a song by E-Type, with nice female backing vocals). It looks like their 2nd album is already out, and it's even more political (made in collaboration with members of various SHARP, RASH, anarcho-punk and communist heavy metal bands), but I haven't found it anywhere yet. Hope it would turn out better than the first one.

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  1. Вот здесь новый альбом Slaughter2017:

    FLAC, image+.cue - http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2912188
    MP3, 320 kbps - http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2912238

    Ссыла на гнвп - http://gnwp.ru/hardcore/page,1,1,18521-slaughter-2017-zavtra-prinadlezhit-nam-2009.html