Saturday, January 9, 2010

Seeds In Barren Fields - demo (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Blackened Crust / SMDM
Country: Sweden

Track List:
  1. In The Hands Of Liars
  2. Reverence
  3. I'm The Antichrist

One more rare demo for today, and now it's from a very radical green anarchist Swedish band. "Sprung from the vegan metal/hardcore act "through the mist of tears", with roots deeply entangled in punk and political hardcore, these seeds are blooming, bursting out into a fully fledged, and raw as hell, metal assault. SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS engage, with black flags raised, in a battle against religious moral dogma, capitalism, nationalism, consumerism and social control. Promoting values of freedom such as (green) anarchy, animal liberation and gender equality as an alternative to being a part of a lost, scared and disillusioned mankind" - from their myspace. What else can I say? These tracks are good enough for a first demo, offering an interesting mix of blackened crust and melodic death metal. A split 7'' with Peregrine is reportedly coming soon, can't wait to hear it!


  1. hey BM i can't find your mail, i know you wrote it in a comment but i just forgot where exactly is ..
    anyway, here is some Fall of the Bastards: split w Book of Black Earth

    and split Wormwood

    i got also Dusk of an ancient age and Where dead hang from trees, i will up em very soon

  2. ok, i will up Where dead hang from trees and i ll mail you.
    and some more shit worth to check:
    Falls of Rauros from Maine,USA:
    Dead and Forgotten (from Italy):
    Black September (Chicago,USA)

  3. ok here it is:
    Fall of the Bastards-Where dead....

  4. Ok, so here is what is going on with seeds in barren fields summer 2010:

    split seven inch with peregrine coming any minute now.

    split seven inch with panopticon is in the works and will hopefully see the light of night before 2010 ends.

    material for a fullength has been recorded and mixed and are now waiting to be mastered and for someone to release it. expect more metal, more death, more bm, and less hardcore punk.

  5. Hi Svante, that's really good news! Good luck with your work!

  6. Visit to listen to the full-length album Sounding the siren song in vain!