Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Embers - "Memoria In Aeterna" (2007)

EMBERS "Embers (Memoria In Aeterna)"

Year: 2007
Genre: DSBM / Doom Metal / Blackened Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. War
  2. Suicide
  3. The Reprise
  4. Corruption

Line-up:Kelly Nelson - bass, vocals
Steven DeCaprio - guitar
Timm - guitar, backing vocals
Jerry Buchanan - drums
Lilian - keyboards
Nine - viola (live)

Embers are a very interesting depressive black/doom metal project with male and female vocals made by members of the Bay Area punk scene. Speaking of their sound, I think they're comparable to Mania and other Cascadian black metal bands. Embers were founded by two former members of Oakland-based anarcho-crust/hardcore band Lesser Of Two. According to info I've found, "their lyrics are extremely political, and in a novel turn from most armchair revolutionaries they actually practiced what they preached". More info about Embers can be found on their myspace. And their debut EP is very good and certainly recommended to everyone who like progressive black metal (I know many of my readers do like it!)


  1. THANK YOU! I've been searching for this everywhere. I just booked a show for these guys and gals in July, and want to get myself psyched up for it.

  2. Yeah thanx!! i was lookin for this too from at least 3/4 years!!! This is a really good band!also,during my trip in California i used to live with Steve,who's their guitarrist,in a werehouse/punk house called Hazmat..and i didn't even know he was playing with Embers! i miss the bay area..cheers from italy!