Monday, December 28, 2009

Timebomb - "Fury" (1994)

TIMEBOMB "Fury 7''"

Year: 1994
Genre: Hardcore
Country: Italy
Label: S.O.A. Records

Track List:
  1. The Human Side
  2. Break It Down
  3. The Right To Love
  4. The Real Enemy
  5. Incoherence
  6. Hardblood

"We released a 7" called "Fury" in '93 on S.O.A. recs., wich is probably one of the worst records of all ages..." - from an interview with Timebomb. To be honest, it's not "one of the worst records of all ages", but it's definitely only for die-hard fans of Timebomb. Overall it's a hardcore (not metalcore/BM) album like "Hymns for a Decaying Empire" - though the quality of production is slightly worse.

Just FYI: I have one more album by them ("The Beat Is Here Fellas" - but it sounds nothing like any hardcore or metal), and their split with Redemption, containing 3 tracks previously featured on "Hymns for a Decaying Empire". Great thanks to my Greek comrade for sending me all these very, VERY hard-to-find releases!


  1. I've been looking for a copy of The Beat is Here Fellas for quite a long time. Any chance you may post that album?