Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Skagos & Wake - "The Groan of Ancient Pines" (2009)

SKAGOS / WAKE "The Groan of Ancient Pines"

Year: 2009
Genre: Cascadian Black Metal
Country: Canada / USA
Label: Eternal Warfare / Hell Near

Track List:


  1. Existential Finality, Finalized


  1. Doomed To Remain
  2. This Progress Must Yield
  3. A Safe Passage Through Dark Times
  4. Ancient


Finally, at least one side of this split is available! Thanks to Krumbled Kookie, who uploaded the track by Skagos on mediafire, and posted the link to my blog. All the 4 tracks by Wake still aren't available though.

As far as I know, Wake was a short-lived 4-piece Cascadian black metal band from the United States, who have recorded one demo and then split up. I haven't heard any their music yet, but I guess they sounded much like Skagos. I don't know if they had any political views, but they were definitely pro-environmentalist.


  1. Hi!
    Here is demo of czech blackned crust band.

    I know some members of this band. Some of them are anarchists or communists. They are antifascists a vegetarians.

  2. Do you know Dorn?

    Summon The Crows - Scavengers Feast LP 2006

    1. Summon The Crows - Wind Of Chains (1:37)
    2. Summon The Crows - Tradition (1:44)
    3. Summon The Crows - The Fear Of Death (1:16)
    4. Summon The Crows - Salvation? (1:38)
    5. Summon The Crows - Void (1:33)
    6. Summon The Crows - Overpowered (1:15)
    7. Summon The Crows - Scavengers Feast (2:50)
    8. Summon The Crows - The Third Side (1:27)
    9. Summon The Crows - In Silent Death (1:25)
    10. Summon The Crows - The Prayer (1:24)
    11. Summon The Crows - Consumption (1:03)
    12. Summon The Crows - Life Is Shit (3:01)
    13. Summon The Crows - Empires Rise - Empires Fall (1:48)

    Bombstrike / Legion 666 SPLIT 2004
    1.Legion 666 - Pessimistic Skies
    2. Legion 666 - Blue-eyed Devils (Crude S.S.)
    3. Bombstrike - Dodens utstrackta hand
    4. Bombstrike - Patent pa godhet

    Legion: DCLXVI -- Hell At Last 19991. Abuse in Isolation
    2. Tomorrow's Prayer
    3. Exhausted
    4. Close Your Fucking Book

    Fukpig - 2009 - Spewings From A Selfish Nation
    01 - The Horror is Here
    02 - Necropunk
    03 - Switchblade Romance
    04 - As the Bombs Fall
    05 - As Millions Suffer
    06 - Bombs of War
    07 - Cunt Hive
    08 - Mother Nature's Fears
    09 - Millions Dying
    10 - Thrash Armageddon
    11 - Their Cries
    12 - Negative Mental Attitude
    13 - Caught Out
    14 - Inertia

    DÖDSÄNGEL -- HELGRIND 2009DÖDSÄNGEL 1.Eternal War 04:06
    2.Wolven Hatred 04:02
    3.The Last Forest 04:56
    4.Subatomic Holocaust 04:00
    5.The Middle of the Night 03:54
    6.Detestation 02:12
    7.Life 04:42

    Banished from Inferno -- Banished from Inferno EP 2008
    1. Aurora Macabra (Last Dawn on Earth) 02:34
    2. Storm Apokalypse 04:01
    3. Calaveras 03:51
    4. Stench of Evil thru the Mist 05:00
    5. The Solemn Bleakness 07:38

  3. Look at this phorum:
    Registration is here:

    Its czech phorum with a lot of underground music. Include metal, crust, hardcore etc.

  4. Do you know czech bands Krabathor and Hypnos? The are playing death metal, but they have really good lyrics! Against consume, stalinism a fascism (Song Shit Comes In Brown). Some of them are vegetarians. Both bands have splited up :-(
    Krabathor lyrics:
    Links here:

    Hypnos was project of their guitarist, who left the Krabathor.

  5. I can't take credit for the upload; I simply knew where it could be found. Ray from Skagos actually uploaded it and posted the link in the DFFD forum.

    I need to say that people who want to hear these bands should go to Eternal Warfare and purchase the cassette. Ray is a good guy, and deserves your support, as does Nate, who runs Eternal Warfare, and is also a good guy. Do the right thing folks.

  6. okay i do not have a cell phone so i could not make a blog of my own or a youtube account
    i put this here because it is your latest post and you will probably look at it soonest
    i saw your youtube video about RABM and have probably counted as 50 of the views on that video it is amazing. RABM is one of my favorite things to listen to especially blackened crust like iskra. i downloaded many of your posts and i saw your wishlist and saw you needed humanicide I HAVE SOME MUSIC BY THEM!! you can contact me on myspace or through my email my myspace is and my email is . i have enjoyed a lot of the music you post and wish to give back to you so please contact me. i don't have a mediafire account but will make one or do whatever you have to in order for you to get it. Thanks my name is Jared Creel

  7. Greetings from Czech Repubic!
    Do you know band xNIDALx? Its sXe hc/metal band. They are very metalic and brutal. They are vegans and anarchists.

    xNIDALx - One Front, One Struggle

    1. Intro
    2. More bodies, more souls
    3. Have a heart
    4. One front, one struggle
    5. Space no effort
    6. Your last day

  8. I love this blog! I had no knowledge of the RABM scene before finding this blog, but now I can't stop listening to all the great bands you have been promoting! Keep up the great work!

  9. Oh... so many comments again. Thank you all for these responses, it's always good to see my work useful to anyone. I'll check out all the links as soon as possible.

  10. Here's a link to Wake's side of this split:

    Skagos, Wake, and all the bands featured on RABM deserve your support, so get the fuck out there and buy their records!

    Thanks for your effort in maintaining this blog, B_K. It doesn't go unappreciated.

  11. i actually know one of the folks from Wake. i'll see if he has any recordings still.