Thursday, December 31, 2009

Epithanatios Ronghos - split w/ Poria Sto Perithorio (2005)

EPITHANATIOS RONGHOS "split with Poria Sto Perithorio"

Year: 2005
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: Greece

Track List:

  1. Ekkofantiki Siopi-Anagennisi
  2. Aoratos Polemos
  3. Psithyri
  4. Teleftees Kravges
  5. Aenao Psychos

Epithanatios Ronghos are a very obscure crust band from Greece, who did a split with another band called Poria Sto Perithorio in 2005. Unfortunately I don't have the other side of the split, and I couldn't find any further info about Epithanatios Ronghos, but at least these 5 tracks are fine.


  1. Hey, great great blog.i've found a lot of good things here...this is the link for the whole split lp(both sides):

    epithanatios has split but a new band called teleutaios aionas(the last century) has members of them

  2. Great band from Greece.unfortunately they dont play live very often.Last year they played together with Tragedy at the Street Attack squad at Thessaloniki,Greece.