Friday, December 18, 2009

Dancehall Satan - "Beyond Good & P.C." (2006)

DANCEHALL SATAN "Beyond Good & P.C."

Year: 2006
Genre: Blackened Ska ("Satanic Trash-Ska") / Crack Rock Steady
Country: Germany
Label: Trash Compost Records

Track List:
  1. Blue Feelings
  2. Kot Couture
  3. Nazi Spaceshi-hip
  4. Kill Yer Scene
  5. Wait Until They're Crispy
  6. Wag Tha Pitbull

Charles D. Ward, did you want some blackened ska? Here it is! "Beyond Good & P.C." by Dancehall Satan is one of the most epic... no, EPIC releases I've ever heard. It's exactly like how I've described it - a hybrid of black metal and ska / crack rock steady, using the BM aesthetics and anarchist ideology. Are you crazy enough to appreciate this? Then feel free to check out "Beyond Good & P.C.", but you have been warned ;)

Release notes:

we hate: capitalism, racism, patriotism, globalization, homophobia, sexism, religion, people defining themselves as "unpolitical" (in a world with millions of influences and impacts, EVERYBODY has to take a stand)
we are pro: communism, anarchism, choice, animal
if you got a problem with that: stop listening to us and kill yourself!

And take a look on the album artwork, it's beyond awesome:


  1. Hey!!! S here again.
    Check :
    Wastelander (Blackended Crust/Thrash)

  2. Mr. Kronstadt, you are really starting to become a personal hero for me.

  3. Thanks, Charles! Hope you wouldn't ever be disappointed in me :)

    Hey S.! Someone already gave me a link to a demo by Wastelander, I'll listen to it ASAP. Thank you!

  4. how can you be pro anarchy and pro communism... they're completely opposite at every possible angle

    you all have to understand how hard this is for me- being a huge fan of the music of bands like this one but also being completely object to their political views

    che guevara tried to make jazz and rock and roll illegal (although rumor has it he was a huge mayhem fan waaay before dead killed himself) i hope future crusts, skins, and metalheads have the sense to support political movements that allow dissent

    "EVERYBODY has to take a stand" immediately followed by "we are pro: communism,anarchism, choice, animal if you got a problem with that: stop listening to us and kill yourself!"
    REMEMBER!!! only take a stand if you're standing for the club!!! otherwise...fuck-off because we all know accepting everyone's views and allowing intellectual debates would bring us one step closer to those evil demons we call liberty and freedom.

    i guess that's my rant- any political band and their fans can respect a good rant (at least they should)... anyways, good album

  5. @Black_Kronstadt
    thanx for spreading our stuff! your blog is really great!

    @anonymous(February 24, 2010 6:40 AM)
    1.anarchism & communism come in so many different forms & shapes, there are some that contradict each other and others that get along quite well.
    2.don't mix up theory & history: in a historic perspective you could also say democracy failed. i still believe in the theory.
    3.the sentence in brackets should translate to: it's NOT possible to act "unpolitical". every action is somehow political, so please be honest and act consciously. so actually it means everybody IS taking a stand, conscious or not.

    hope that cleared some things up.

    all the best,
    shiz the wiz