Thursday, December 10, 2009

Curt & The Contras - "No Place For Life" (1991)

CURT & THE CONTRAS "No Place For Life"

Year: 1991
Genre: Hardcore / Crossover Thrash , "Evil Punk"
Country: Russia
Label: self-prod.

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Human Trash
  3. I'm Not Jesus (Ramones cover)
  4. Necrophagous
  5. Pioneer Song
  6. Stupidcore
  7. Last Choice
  8. Kill Your Own Tormentor
bonus tracks (unreleased 1992):
  1. Сыграйте нам лучше на кожаной флейте...
  2. Пизда на костылях
  3. Мёртвый город

It's the second and the last release by Curt & The Contras, and it's just as raw and angry as "Hebephrenia" was. The lyrics are still hateful, misanthropic, and not without the glimpse of black humour. And they clearly show all the Andrey Vasin's disgust to all kinds of music that existed in Russia at that time. Sadly the 1992 album was never completed, the three tracks from it are included to this release. Listen to it, and feel the atmosphere of disorder and social chaos of early 90s in Soviet Union!

Only a very little is known about the further life of A.Vasin. It's known, however, that he still lives in Omsk, and he's a collector of weapons.

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