Saturday, November 28, 2009

Order Of The Vulture - "Order Of The Vulture" (2006)

ORDER OF THE VULTURE "Order Of The Vulture"

Year: 2006
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: USA
Label: Aborted Society Records

Track List:
  1. Cryptesthesia
  2. Abhorrence
  3. Chaotic Evil
  4. Murder System
  5. Harvest of Darkness
  6. Dead Eyes
  7. Iconoclast

LP released by Aborted Society Records. Gatefold Cover. Initial pressing of 1,000; the first 500 copies are on red and black splattered vinyl, 500 on black. Guest vocals on the LP by Jason Vorhees of Fall of the Bastards and Meriel.

As for me, I was slightly disappointed with this release. Despite being very atmospheric (due to extensive use of samples and acoustic parts), it's nowhere near being comparable with the best examples of Swedish blackened crust. But at least some lyrics are good.

"We lay on blood soaked trenches
Gas mask on your face
Your mission Kill or be Killed
So no truth can escape your lips

Your dead head, in dead hands
Murder System - We die again
Murder System - Mountains of dead"

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