Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cold Blank Stare - "Humanity Will Come Undone" (demo, 2008)

COLD BLANK STARE "Humanity Will Come Undone"

Year: 2008
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA
Label: self-prod.

Track List:
  1. Mechanized Destruction Of Humanity
  2. Forms Of Worship
  3. Against The Tide
  4. Humanity Will Come Undone
  5. Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)

It's my most recent discovery - an one-man BM project from New Jersey holding left-wing political views (so I think it's safe to post Cold Blank Stare's releases under an "anarchist black metal" tag). This self-released EP includes an intro, 3 original songs and a cover version of a black metal classic "Freezing Moon". In the words of a project's leader:

"With this project I play black metal that is musically traditional to the Norwegian second wave with some touches of influence from the modern Swedish, US, and French scenes. Lyrically is where I take an individualist stance by promoting Atheism as a primary ideal (in opposition to Satanism), as well as speaking out against NSBM through politically leftist ideals"

For a first demo, it's definitely not bad, and I don't understand why it's rated so low on Metal Archives. Well, it's far from perfect, and I didn't like the #4 song too, but at least tracks #2 & #3 feature very decent traditional black metal. The "Freezing Moon" cover is well done too, though nothing outstanding. At least it shows how similar the styles of the bands are. As for the intro, it's not black metal at all - it's a short electro-industrial piece, though it's good for an intro. The lyrics are good, though rather simplistic; it has misanthropic, anti-religious ("Forms Of Worship") and anti-nazi ("Against The Tide") themes. 


  1. hey! i just ran into your blog. i checked your wish list and i have the Timebomb 7". i also see you don't have there other releases apart from their two hardcore full lengths. if you want to have a listen to them and then post them on your blog, i can mp3 them for ya (or any info on them). send me an email: chkampra@enl.auth.gr

    maybe you should include Suicide Nation (US) in your blog. i think they were considered anarchist back in the day.

    cheers, nice blog