Monday, October 26, 2009

Timebomb - "Hymns For A Decaying Empire" (1996)

TIMEBOMB "Hymns For A Decaying Empire"

Year: 1996
Genre: Hardcore / proto-RABM
Country: Italy
Label: S.O.A. Records

Track List:
  1. Trinity
  2. The Truth Denied
  3. Dream
  4. Damnation
  5. Deep
  6. Bow
  7. Culture Abstinence
  8. When The Blood Calls
  9. Untitled

Great thanks again to 7inchcrust for uploading this very hard-to-find release! Of course, it isn't as good as "Full Wrath of the Slave" and the black metal influence is virtually non-existent, but it's still very decent hardcore with samples and keyboard parts. Timebomb always played very original music, and all their releases deserved to have more listeners.


    antifascist black metal from Greece

    Iskra's Terrorist act:

  2. Jared aka AnarchoCommune
    thanks i love timebomb
    some of the bands you are looking for are hard to find because the dead musician often brings up things about dead musicians and atavism brings up some political articles
    but i still have humanicide thanks for all you do with this blog i will also try to get you some more music to post

  3. Hi there,

    For those who may be interested I still have copies of this Lp (no second hand). Check at
    Cheers, Eric