Monday, October 5, 2009

DödsÄngel - "Helgrind" (2009)

DÖDSÄNGEL "Helgrind"

Year: 2009
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: Canada / Norway
Label: self-prod. / Deathcult Studios

Track List:
  1. Eternal War
  2. Wolven Hatred
  3. The Last Forest
  4. Subatomic Holocaust
  5. The Middle of the Night
  6. Detestation
  7. Life
  8. Helgrind

DödsÄngel is a solo project of Trish, who was playing drums in a number of Canadian and Norwegian black metal, d-beat and crust punk bands, including Warsystem and Skitliv. Now she's singing and playing her own music... and I must say that her music is brutal! That's how the female-fronted blackened crust should sound. However, a lot of people tend to not like her voice (which is indeed quite specific), saying that she should find a more aggressive-sounding vocalist. Well, the vocal work is indeed a downside of this demo, but on the other hand, Trish's voice gives the music a special atmosphere. Note that she actually plays all the instruments, so I think some lack of vocal talent is forgivable...


  1. track #3 doesn't work. Can you upload it again please (just only third song).

  2. You mean this one?

  3. THNX for uploading!!

  4. A blog like this was long overdue, thanks a million for starting one!

  5. I feel happy that my work wasn't in vain.

  6. i downloaded this a while ago and love it
    i found trish on myspace and message her once and i while
    even though you have this to download for free i'm going to buy her cd to support her
    < AnarchoCommune >
    you know what i'm going to say if you looked at my other comments send me an email or contact me on myspace

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  9. Skitliv is a black metal band, featuring members from Mayhem and Shining amongst others. I think you're confusing Skitliv with the swedish crustband Skitsystem.