Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All The Cold - "One Year Of Cold" (2009)

ALL THE COLD "One Year Of Cold"

Year: 2009
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Dark Ambient
Country: Russia
Label: Kunsthauch

Track List:
  1. Last Winter
  2. Through the Dead World
  3. Coldly to Heart
  4. New Day Without Me
  5. Message of Silence Space
  6. Last Sun Before Polar Night
  7. 1941-1944. Kola North. War.
  8. Nurman (Hymn of Cold Northern Town)
  9. Kingdom of Snow

Here's a first full-length release by All The Cold, a band from Kola peninsula (which is on the far north of Russia). This album features 9 tracks of atmospheric music with the distinctive "wintry" feel, but this one isn't as much into dark ambient as the previous release - it's black metal without any doubts. The album cover says it all - it's music from the snowy forests and frozen landscapes... Now I can consider All The Cold one of the best atmospheric black metal acts from the former USSR. If you like Velvet Cacoon, for example, then you definitely would like All The Cold.

As I already have said, All The Cold themselves have confirmed that they're a RABM-friendly band. Since the ex-USSR black metal scene doesn't have many good bands at all, it's great to see one more good band supporting us. 


  1. That is great! I love All the Cold and have been into them for over a year now. I could never find too much info on them when I first heard of them so to know they are radical friendly is awesome!

    Some other decent or good BM from that area...though I do not know how they stand politically...Windbruch is definitely from Russia, I think Trist is too but he may be from Chezch