Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jarost Marksa - "We The People" (2008)


Year: 2008
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Russia
Label: Bellum Gerite

Track List:
  1. Empires Shall Fall
  2. United Under The Red Banner
  3. The Sacred War

It's very likely you've already heard of Jarost Marksa, as it is most well-known communist black metal band right now. Here's the official bio from their myspace:

"Jarost Marksa (Russian for "Fury of Marx") are Antoine Durand (vocals, guitar), Ivan Kuznetsov (guitar), Nikolai Vasilyev (bass) and Mikhail Sokolov (drums). Antoine is originally from France but he moved to Moscow, Russia, in 2005, where all the other members of the band live. Over the past years he got disillusioned with western society and the capitalist system. His search for like-minded people led him to Russia, where he met Nikolai, Ivan and Mikhail in an anarchist commune. They created Jarost Marksa, a communist black metal project. Their sound ranges from slow melodic riffs to furious and fast black metal blast beats. Their debut is an EP called "We the People", released in 2008. Lyrically their music deals with violent revolution to establish a communist society. They also made a black metal cover of the famous Soviet World War 2 song "Svyaschennaya Voyna" (Sacred War) which was originally performed by the Red Army Choir of Aleksandr Aleksandrov"

Of course this EP isn't a masterpiece, but it isn't bad for a first release. Not sure if it worth listening to? Watch this video:


  1. What's become of this band, comrade? I would really like to know if they're still making music. This EP is awesome!

    1. No idea, their myspace page wasn't updated for a long time, and there were no news from them since the release of this EP.

  2. Where is possible to buy the CD or contact the band, or the label "Bellvm Gerite"?

  3. Hail Comrades!
    We are from brazilian RABM moviment and want to make contact with the Communists and Anarchists bands around the world to divulgate and make a conscientization works in the underground scene.