Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boddicker - "Crime Upheaval" (2014)

BODDICKER "Crime Upheaval"

Year: 2014
Genre: Crust/Grind/PV
Country: USA

Track List:

  1. Crime Upheaval
  2. Rise Of The Downtrodden
  3. Halo Of Bullets
  4. Bath Salt Baptism
  5. Vigilante
  6. Executive Decision
  7. The Isolationist
  8. Drygulch
  9. Social Control
  10. We Are Watching You
  11. Energy Blackmail

I already have posted a couple of releases from Boddicker ("False Flag" and a split w/ Kata Sarka) on my blog, and here's their newest full-length album, "Crime Upheaval". All the cassette copies are sold out by now; however, the band members want people to listen & download it as well.

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