Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grst - Fire Therein (2014)


Year:  2014
Genre:  Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List

  1. Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein
  2. Dead As Dreams

This is the second post I've made about Grst, and American Black Metal band on the Glossolalia label.  In this case, the band covers two songs from seminal USBM band Weakling, and does so in fine style.  Though only two tracks long, the EP still hits nearly 30 minutes of intense Black Metal.  As you'll see in the write up from the band themselves, members of Grst cross-pollinate with other Glossolalia bands, including the band Banewreaker, the first band I personally posted on this blog.  To hear an interview with Banewreaker recorded for my internet radio program, click here.  The interview starts roughly an hour into the episode.

Here is what the band has to say about the album:  "The April-May crossover has long been decorated with fire and ritual. Historically, it has been a time to celebrate fecundity and reproduction, and so it is in that tradition that this offering is made.

Grst and Glossolalia Records present Fire Therein, a half-hour homage to Weakling's seminal USBM record, Dead as Dreams. With their single legendary document, Weakling cut a tremendous swath across American black metal, fertilizing the genre by inspiring countless other bands and artists. This second entry from Grst represents a large portion of Weakling's original album, namely their titular track, Dead as Dreams, as well as Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein, from which the tribute similarly derives a moniker. 

This Grst recording is the product of several Glossolalia alumni. Guitar, keyboard, and drum tracks were engineered by Josh Vincent (Banewreaker, LORD) with additional guitar work from Nathanael Kelley (Aesthetic of Failure, Arkhum, Banewreaker). The vocal performance was delivered by Kenneth Parker (Arkhum, Willowbrook). Vocal recording, mixing, and mastering were engineered by Stephen Parker at The Wilderness Studios."

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