Monday, May 19, 2014

Blackend Horizon - "Hivernale​.​.​. und der Rest ist nur Schatten" (2014)

BLACKEND HORIZON "Hivernale​.​.​. und der Rest ist nur Schatten"

Year: 2014
Genre: Raw Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Ruhe |1|
  2. Schritte |1| Einleitung
  3. Hivernale... und der Rest ist nur Schatten
  4. A kingdom named death
  5. .Leer.
  6. Schritte |2| Hauptteil
  7. Selbstgespräch
  8. The curse of men
  9. ... und das letzte Blatt fällt
  10. Schritte |3| Schluss
  11. Ruhe |2|

Finally, a full-length album from Blackend Horizon. It sounds a bit different from "Schritte", and Till himself isn't very satisfied with the quality of production. His own description of the album will say it all better, I think:

"So finally here it is...
After 4 Demos and the "Schritte"-EP.. the first full-length of Blackend Horizon.
"Hivernale... und der Rest ist nur Schatten" is a mixture of everything i released before, containing the atmosphere, the chaotic parts and the unlistenable crappy DIY-Sound.
 Something went wrong during the mastering process... that´s why the songs will sound slightly different from each other. [...]
 To release it after months of work is very satisfying.
 A CD-release is planned" 

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