Sunday, May 11, 2014

Asilo - "Comunión" (2014)

ASILO "Comunión"

Year: 2014
Genre: Sludge/Crust
Country: Argentina

Track List:
  1. Geografías
  2. Pichiciega Fe
  3. (epidemia mundial del desencanto)
  4. La Paciencia del Cuchillo
  5. Arquitectura del Silencio
  6. (anti voz)
  7. Dinámica del Cambio
  8. Miedo y Curiosidad
  9. (no a la vida)
  10. La Ultima Voluntad

Finally, a full-length release from a band that have appeared on my blog quite a lot of times before. Out of everything I've posted here recently, it's best comparable to Leechfeast. There's also a new album from another band that sounds similar to Asilo and was featured on my blog before - Windmill of Corpses - but I'll probably leave reviewing it to my co-editors...

"In Comunión we could listen many of the influences involved in Asilo: Doom, Drone Metal, Crust, Hardcore Punk, Industrial, Noise y Post Punk are mixtured in the whole album, molding an own sound identity.

Comunión is the first release of the band with actual band members (Manuel, Sebastian, Nacho y Sebaxxxtian). They are eager to playing live in 2014, besides of setting up new stuff for further releases.

Comunión is available for downloading/streaming in bandcamp, also it can be downloaded in Zann’s Music, label that will release it on cd in Argentina. distroiart will release it on tape; Confirmations of further editions in Brasil, Colombia, Chile, and other countries are being awaited"

bandcamp / facebook