Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blackend Horizon - "Schritte" (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: DSBM, Depressive Rock/Shoegaze
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Schritte |1| Einleitung
  2. Schritte |2| Hauptteil
  3. Schritte |3| Schluss
  4. .Leer.

"All 4 tracks are taken from the upcoming full-length "Hivernale... und der Rest ist nur Schatten."
A tape release is planned and in progress.
It comes in an edition of 30, will be packed in selfmade wooden boxes and should be available soon.
If you are interested get in contact:
blackendhorizonofficial (@)"

Judging from these release notes, it's going to be the last demo before the release of a full-length album. All 4 tracks are available for streaming on bandcamp. If you liked Thränenkind's newest album "The Elk", check out this. I personally don't like Thränenkind, even though I respect their anti-NSBM stance, and I have nothing agaist mixing DSBM with post-rock and shoegaze. But I think a lot of my readers do like them, and probably would like the upcoming album from Blackend Horizon too.

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