Friday, February 21, 2014

Torture Garden - "The Great Depression" (2013)

Torture Garden "The Great Depression"

Year:  2013
Genre:  Blackened Doom Metal
Country: United Kingdom

Track List:
  1. The Great Depression
  2. Pervert
  3. Of All Evil
  4. Testament Of The Tapeworm
  5. Mister Mammon
  6. Circuses Without Bread
  7. Hideous In Their Glory
  8. In Memory Of The Fallen
  9. Together, Reborn
  10. Defying The Laws Of Hell
  11. The Great Dictator
  12. The Clearing Of Misery
  13. Mists Of Time
I discovered Torture Garden a few months ago and have been really enjoying this album.  It is a good combination of black, doom, and a little bit of death metal.  While is was enjoying them and playing them on Rage and Frustration, my radio program, I hadn't pored over the lyrics closely enough to realize they were writing about the current economic crisis from a communist perspective.  You can find more of their music at their page here,  a preview of the album by the vocalist here, and a release announcement here.  You can download in a Pay What You Want format from their Bandcamp page linked below.  I highly recommend this release and hope you'll take the time to check it out.  - Hayduke X


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