Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Storm of Sedition - "Self Titled Cassette" (2014)

STORM OF SEDITION "Self Titled Cassette"

Year:  2014
Genre: Crust
Country:  Canada

Track List:

  1. Mountains of Waste
  2. Prisoners of Industry
  3. Insurrectionary Fire
  4. Dead of Night
  5. Fire to the Prisons
  6. Black Death
  7. Speciesist Violence
  8. Science/Technology/Control

This band was brought to my attention by a fan of the band who is also a fan of this blog.  Though they are not overly blackened, I think they are a good fit here, especially politically.  According to their bandcamp, "Storm of Sedition is a DIY anarchist crust-punk band based out of Victoria BC Kkkanada (occupied Coast Salish Territories). We aim to spread through our music, the hatred of civilization, domestication, and control, while promoting resistance to the techno-industrial capitalist system."  Apparently they share two band members with Iskra who has been regularly featured on this blog.  Currently, the album is only available for streaming and I have been unable to obtain a download link.  I'll work on getting that, and update this post when I have it.


  1. Hey man, it is good to see you are still posting music, but what about the actual situation in Ukraine?? I thought you were gonna post some article on the subject.


    1. Hey Panda,
      this post wasn't made by me, but by Hayduke. I'll try to write an article about Euromaidan with the next few days, I think. The situation is changing rapidly, so I was hesitant of writing about it until now.

    2. ohh, I see, it would be good to for the uploader and readers to post their names on every review and upload just to know who does what and who doesn't.


    3. There's actually a signature under every post, right next to the timestamp: "Author: Hayduke X @ 6:10 AM@", etc. But I agree it isn't very noticeable. Will look what I can do about it, but not now.

  2. I will try to remember to add my name at the bottom of future posts to make them more noticeable.