Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Revolted Masses - "Us or Them" (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Greece

Track List:
  1. Savage Temper
  2. Us or Them
  3. War in Heaven
  4. Reason of Unreason
  5. Slave of God
  6. Avdei Far'oh
  7. Disaster Capitalism (The Rise of)
  8. DeathBlock11
  9. 686f72726f72
  10. Tale of a Tortured Soul
  11. Revolted Masses

A first full-length album from Revolted Masses, whose demo "Seeds of Revolt" was posted here roughly 3 years ago. Musically, the album is very powerful (especially the title track), and the lyrical message is very decent too. Also worth noting that there's a lot of oriental melodies, so if you're into Middle Eastern metal, be sure to check out "Us or Them" too.

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