Friday, November 29, 2013

Rintrah - "Messages from the Deep" (2011)

RINTRAH "Messages from the Deep"

Year: 2007-2011
Genre: Experimental
Country: USA 

Track List:
  1. Death Rattles
  2. Plum Creek Warning
  3. Into the Depths
  4. Revenge of the Beasts
"The Dark Wizard Rintrah has recorded one message each year since 2001. Sent to human beings from his cave home deep within the earth, the recordings seem to serve as warnings that humanity must cease its abuse and exploitation of the earth and its creatures or risk imminent extinction. The Message retrieval team has come to believe that the Dark Wizard Rintrah is himself a former human being"

Now, are you prepared for some really unusual stuff? Even though Rintrah's music is mostly influenced by black metal, it defies any genre categorization:  it has acoustic guitar, microtonal organ, and electronics/drum machine. Definitely not for everyone's liking, and even a lot of "unorthodox" metal fans may find this EP way too strange, but if you aren't sure whether to download it or not, you can listen to it first on bandcamp. Rintrah is from Maine / New England, and "Messages from the Deep" is a collection of four single-song demos from 2007-2011. Ideologically, Rintrah can be roughly described as anarcho-primitivist.

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