Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zirt - "It Started As A Whisper" (2013)

ZIRT "It Started As A Whisper"

Year: 2013
Genre: Dark Ambient / Instrumental Black Metal
Country: Norway

Track List:
  1. Fantasy
  2. Tales Of Winter
  3. A Long Sad Song
  4. Funeral
  5. As The Leaves Fall
  6. Nocturnal Darkness II
  7. Last Lullaby

Not much is known about Zirt, except it's an one-man project from Bergen, started in 2011. So you can imagine my interest, when I received a message from a project based out of a city so much well-known for its black metal scene. Zirt's music generally receives very positive feedback on youtube, but I'm going to be more reserved in my review. I've listened to Zirt's first album with my friend which has a dark ambient/noise project, and we both agreed that it definitely sounds promising, but the dark ambient/soundtrack-like parts are better than BM ones. Here's the second album by Zirt, "It Started As A Whisper", more darker and heavier than the first one, but still featuring a lot of Burzum-like minimalistic ambient parts. Recommended to those who are interested in DIY atmospheric BM / dark ambient.

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