Friday, May 17, 2013

Vestiges - split w/ Panopticon (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal, Post-Metal
Country: USA

The Vestiges/Panopticon split was announced to be released 12 December 2012, but only two tracks are available (for streaming, not for purchase or free download) @ Vestiges' bandcamp so far. However, these tracks sound VERY promising, so I hope the whole split will be amazing. Also, some news from Austin L. of Panopticon:

"Now is as good of a time to announce it officially, yesterday was the first day of drum tracking for the new Panopticon album. The drums are being tracked with Spenser Morris at lundr lodge studio, I will be recording the rest myself and the reamping/mixing and mastering will be handled by Colin Marston again, so expect the most professional sounding Panopticon record so far. The songs have been written since 2011 and represent a well rounded combination of all of the elements I have explored in the past 5 albums and the splits. This album represents the end of an era for this project, with darker, more emotional songs and very personal subject matter rather than history or social commentary, so I plan to make it count. Details of the release(s!), title and artwork will arrive in the coming months. Wish us luck today!"

I wonder what he meant by "the end of an era"... hope he isn't going to close the project. There were some pretty bad news lately (Forge of Customs split up in February, B.D.M. is now defunct too, plus there are no news from the Old Roots New Shoots circle), so I hope at least the most well-known RABM project is going to stay active.

Update: the whole split is officially available for free download, get it HERE!

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  1. lundr dont give u here are hordes of people who respect your work