Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kill The Slavemaster - "The Artisans of Dominion: Part I" (1999)

KILLTHESLAVEMASTER "The Artisans of Dominion: Part I"

Year: 1999
Genre: Death Metal / Hardcore
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. The Defeatist's Prayer
  2. Coenobite (of the Abattoir)
  3. The Orchestration of Sodom
  4. The Authors of Genesis and the Artisans of Dominion

Another obscure hardcore/metal band from the 90s, known for their radical anarcho-primitivist views. The music is excellent, but the band itself is somewhat controversial, because they had Andy Hurley (best known as a drummer of Fall Out Boy, now playing in Enabler (or at least he was until September 2012; this site still lists him in Enabler's current lineup), used to play drums in a lot of hardcore and metalcore bands). His views are really questionable, and not only because he played in Fall Out Boy... however, it doesn't nesessary reflect the views of the whole band. Of course I don't agree with some of their views, but I don't fully agree with bands like Gather or Peregrine either, which doesn't stop me from enjoying their music. The current state of the band is unknown, and it looks like part II was never released; however, there are rumors that they've released a new 2-song 7'' in 2010.


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    1. Yes, I've read this article, and I was keeping it in mind while writing this entry. Don't fully agree with its author, though, but it indeed seems like A.Hurley is a huge hypocrite. - according to this link, he isn't in Enabler anymore, but Spirit Of Metal still lists him in Enabler's current line-up.

  2. I can still listen to Racetraitor though. Ha.