Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kil.Disneyland - "Old, Cold, Depressive" (2013)

KIL.DISNEYLAND " Cold, Old, Depressive (demo mini EP)"

Year: 2013
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: Greece

Track List:
  1. Fields
  2. Legend of the Drow
  3. Fast Power and Rain
  4. Goatlord

Raw old school black metal from the members of Arxi Tou Telous, Mother Disobedience and several other Greek anarcho/DIY bands. As for the unusual name of the band:

"...we wanted a name to represent our political thoughts, and also to be a little teasy for the rest old school black metal bands... Anyway disneyland is a mark and a symbol of capitalistic way of life (something like coca cola). we are living in a country that everyone was buying and buying and buying, often more than he could ever manage to. It's one of the reasons we end up like this. You know it's like an old way of things going on but there is a moment that those things must stop. So, Kil Disneyland (practically means KILL DISNEYLAND or if you prefer kill the way you used to live. Stop caring only for yourself). We picked up "Kil" instead of "kill" to make it even more difficult to understand"



  1. Regards!!
    Could make me upload the file again vo link is broken.
    Thank you!

    1. Well I don't have this album anymore, and it doesn't seem to be available for download anywhere else, but you can listen to it on bandcamp: