Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tarantulah - "Kedamaian Jalan Hitam" (2012)

TARANTULAH "Kedamaian Jalan Hitam"

Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black/Thrash Metal
Country: Malaysia
Label:  Trooper Art Regime Distro

Track List:
  1. Viva La Peace
  2. Pukul Mereka Dalam Diam
  3. Hak Kita
  4. Durjana Si Dajjal

  • Man Rabaxx (vocal)
  • Silentt Shoutt (drums)
  • Rock Angel (bass) (ex Maradasutma, Night Off, Triumph Ov Fire, Lunar Moon, Heldrasil , Satanic Art)
  • Rusak Minda (guitar) (ex Deadly Conspiracy, Sisa Toxsick)
Influences: Motorhead, Municipal Waste, Bathory, Toxodeath, Disclose, Parkinson, Metallica, Sepultura, Rumble Militia.

Raw old school black/thrash/crossover from Malaysia. 4-track demo, all raw mixing without mastering. Released by Trooper Art Regime distro (Malaysia), re-released by EvilPunk Records (Belarus) and Fuck The Industry (Japan, D.I.Y. label). The band is open for joining any split or compilation.


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