Friday, April 5, 2013

Posledná Minúta - "Späť ku koreňom" (2012)

POSLEDNA MINUTA "Späť ku koreňom"

Year: 2012
Genre: Black Noise, Grindcore
Country: Slovakia

Track List:
  1. Kus hovna
  2. Hmyz
  3. Rozsekať na kusy (Fire Walk With Me cover)
  4. Nabi zbraň

Release notes (grammar and spelling kept intact in order not to distort the meaning):

"Posledná minúta is a project which lyrics are strongly inspirated by misanthropic ideology from environmental point of view. It is project which uses blackmetal sequences from songs of RABM bands, then converts them into an instrumental raw noise and adds own vocals to it. For that reason of "recyclating" sequences, recordings may be spread for free only (and, of course, for non-commercial purposes). The only member of the project is a green anarchist, so it might be labeled as a noise/raw green anarchist black metal"

What can I add to this? I was already aware of PM's existence long before this demo was sent to me (because I've got a lot of visitors to my blog from PM's page), but as for me, these tracks sound more like raw grindcore than black metal or anything else. Check this out if you liked the other Slovak anarcho-noise projects which I've posted here before.

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