Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Örök - s/t (2013)

OROK "Örök"

Year: 2013
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Portugal

Track List:
  1. Krót
  2. Vársÿl
  3. Kärntschzen
  4. Vår 

"Örök is a one man black metal project from Porto, Portugal that creates dense music and atmospheres through repetition, tremollo picking, post-something crescendos, cascadian-like progressions, and harsh distorted vocals"... well, I can't say this album as a whole sounds very "cascadian", but at least I can hear influence of bands like Ash Borer. Both lyrics and song titles have no particular meaning, as main goal for the music was to create a certain atmosphere and state of mind.


  1. Can we really be sure they're a RABM related band? I just saw that they work together with Signal Rex who sell some pretty obvious NSBM stuff in their webstore, such as Satanic Warmaster, Aryan Blood, Werewolf. I mean that alone doesn't have to mean anything for Örök. You can also get music from Seher and Paramnesia at Signal Rex, what doesn't mean that tehy are NSBM. I also coudn't find anything that makes Örök seem to be open for NS shit (but I also didn't really find anything negating it).
    But considering Örök releasing their 2015 album Übermensch(!) on Signal Rex, advertising it to being in the style to early Burzum makes the whole thing very fishy. (

    1. Honestly I didn't follow any news from this project after posting this album, so it's possible that something has changed since then, but you're right - their album being in the same webstore with NSBM albums doesn't really mean anything, if only that store isn't focused solely on NSBM. As for the 2015 album, its concept seems to be purely Nietzsche-inspired at a first glance. Probably not the best material to be posted on here, but I'm not planning on posting this particular album anyway.