Saturday, March 9, 2013

Katalonia: female fronted anarcho-punk from Moscow

One more band which I forgot to mention in my yesterday's entry: Katalonia. There's almost no info about them, except they're from Moscow and have released their first demo 3 months ago. Of course their music isn't metal, but it's apparently influenced by black metal and blackened crust; most of their lyrics contain a strong feeling against organized religion, plus they have shared the stage with (A)xidanc(E) and Kora a couple of years ago. Here's a video of their performance in Moscow (10th of November 2012):

Quite good for a young band, but: 1) singing in English may be not so wise decision; 2) the interludes when she speaks of what's the next song is about ("The next song is about why consumerism sucks", "The next one is about why authoritarianism sucks"... and so on) sound a bit naive and repetitive. Unfortunately they haven't played my favourite song of theirs - a cover version of a well-known anarchist anthem "A Las Barricadas", so I had to upload it separately:

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