Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Euphrasia - demo (2013)


Year: 2013
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Switzerland

Track List:
  1. Träumend
  2. Auf dem Boden der Realität
  3. Vergehende Zeiten
  4. Trost
  5. Thanatos

"Musikalischer Ausdruck von der Unzufriedenheit mit dem Jetzt und der Sehnsucht nach einer anderen Welt"

Official first demo of a Swiss atmospheric BM project Euphrasia, self-recorded in 2012. Quite good for a debut (although I'm not sure if such "overloaded" sound was intentional, or it was just a result of poor production/mixing). As for the ideology, the author of the music is an active anarchist and strongly disagrees with any form of oppresion: "For there are too less artists that have a strict position about politics, I want to give another possibility for enjoying atmospheric black metal without having the feeling of listening to a nazi or any other form of idiots"

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