Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wild's Reprisal - "Cascadia Rising" (2012)

WILD'S REPRISAL "Cascadia Rising"

Year: 2012
Genre: Cascadian Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. A Fierce Green Fire Dying In Her Eyes
  2. Transpersonal Ecology
  3. Tragedy of the Commons
  4. Ecosophy T
  5. Unpolluted, Uncontaminated, Undammed
  6. Silent Spring

Release notes:

"Wild’s Reprisal is the solo project of Gedden Cascadia. The music is reflective of deeply held ecocentric beliefs and a commitment to deep ecology. The focus of this music project is to inject a level of intellectualism into a genre rife with bands professing a love and connection with the natural world. Yet, how many of these individuals in these bands take this alleged love for the natural world and turn it into action to protect the biotic communities of this planet? As Humanities crushing footstep increases, those of us that love the wild places have a duty to defend those spaces by any means necessary. Actions in defense of the Earth should be rooted in a deeper philosophical understanding of the morality of the intrinsic value of all life. Each song has as its focus a different ecological philosopher. Each song lyrically is just a reading from a specific essay by the author. Each essay has a link to it on this website. Hopefully the songs will help spread the work of such important authors as Aldo Leopold and Arne Naess"

This is Gedden's debut solo work, released 1/1/2012, and a new album called "Defiance Enthroned" was finished just a few days ago. Will listen to it and write a review within the next few days.


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