Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ivpiter & Teenage Suicide - "The Darkness Of This Young Thunderous Land" (2013)

IVPITER / TEENAGE SUICIDE "The Darkness Of This Young Thunderous Land"

Year: 2013 
Genre: Raw Black Metal/Noise (Ivpiter), Crust/Grind with industrial overtones (Teenage Suicide)
Country: Brazil 

Track List:

  1. IX
  2. X
  3. XI
  4. XII
  5. XIII
Teenage Suicide
  1. Arena
  2. Drunk driver
  3. Domination
  4. Sin
  5. Free speech as hate speech

Another release coming from Latin America - this time a split featuring two bands you're probably already familiar with (Ivpiter and Teenage Suicide). Don't think I can recommend it to everyone, but if you're into raw and noisy stuff (see their compatriots Vaba Marat for example), then it might be for you.

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