Thursday, January 31, 2013

Insvlariz - live demo (2013)


Year: 2012
Genre: Black Noise
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Céu
  2. Nuvem
  3. Lágrima
  4. Masmorra
  5. Palavra
  6. Tchau!
  7. TxQxTxN
  8. Morrer

1st short demo from a new Brazilian raw black metal/noise project. The band consists of members of various punk/hardcore/noisecore projects from Blumenau. This demo was recorded live a couple of weeks ago, a split w/ Ivpiter is announced to come out soon. Overall, if you liked the other Brazilian blackened noise projects which I've posted on my blog before, this demo might be of interest for you.


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