Monday, January 14, 2013

Czech & Slovak anarchist noise

This cassette, titled "5 Nails Into The Capitalistic Grave", was the first in a collection of demos from several Czech & Slovak anarchist harsh noise projects with abbreviated names, which was sent to me not long ago: 

The project is called D.R.T.A.D.A. (as you'll see soon, all these anarcho-noise projects use abbreviations as names; don't know if it's purely Czechoslovak scene thing), and it's said to be one of the most well-known Slovak anarchist noise projects. Unfortunately it's defunct by now; this particular demo was released in 2003.


Check out also A.V.T.K.S.N.S., Czech industrial/noise one-man band from Orlová whose founder is an active anarchist, who also have played in many other projects: Hibakusha (crustgrind), Tupak Amaru (hardcore), Teh(A)nu (breakcore/punk), Elfarran (downtempo/dub), Tyranie Identity (folk-punk), Sedmá Generace (underground hip hop), Mechanicula (electro-punk) and Hledání (folk-punk). So far I've listened to two of his releases: "(A)" (2010, noisy remixes of old anarchist songs; didn't fully understand it, though), and "Odvrácená strana bytí" (2004):


Part 2 coming soon. I understand there's not many listeners of such stuff even among my readers, but at least it's 161% DIY underground. ;)


  1. Of course this is no stuff for everyone! but please upload the second part soon!!! i share my own Antifascist Nosie project called AOKIGAHARA, you can listen it on

    1. 2nd part:
      Maybe I'll post more releases of A.V.T.K.S.N.S. some time later. As for your project - I just have listened to your EP "Absurd Humans", thanks for pointing me to it!