Thursday, November 1, 2012

Printemps Noir - "Front Pour La Libération Des Aliénés" (2012)

PRINTEMPS NOIR "Front Pour La Libération Des Aliénées"

Year: 2012
Genre: Black Noise
Country: UK 

Track List:
  1. Intro (Under The Indifferent Stars)
  2. Rites Of Darkness
  3. To Annihilate The Self-Hood Of Deceit & False Forgiveness
  4. Amor Imprevisto
  5. The Anguish Of No Future

These tracks weren't actually intended for publishing, because X. (the person behind Printemps Noir) considered this demo as a failure, and released it only as a cassette for friends (not for the broad audience). However, a 128kbps rip of the cassette has leaked to After I stumbled upon it, I contacted X., who sent me a 320kbps version of "Front..." with a permission to do whatever I want with it, and the following release notes:

"I recorded in this Summer in England and France in a particularly fucked-up and angry frame of mind... Anyone who downloads this and complains about how bad it is is stupid and deserves everything they get. This is True Black Metal Outsider Art, only for the fucked-up and hard of hearing. It's not an 'album' and I'm not a 'band'"

Musically, "Front..." contains of roughly equal amount of minimalistic dark ambient and very lo-fi black metal. It's indeed very raw and noisy, but it serves the purpose to reflect the atmosphere of insanity very well. Anyway, this album is actually quite good for its genre, somehow reminding me of Shapeless' demos. Definitely recommened to all the fanatics of primitive black metal and noise punk (BTW, according to X., he was highly inspired by early Siberian punk scene, which always was one of my favourites as well).

P.S. Although X. has no desire for a self-promotion and would prefer to remain anonymous, he's open for doing a split EP with anyone English- or French-speaking who plays BM (no NSBM), dark ambient, punk, grindcore, thrash, etc.

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