Saturday, November 17, 2012

Atomski Rat - "Iluzije Stvarnosti" (2012)

ATOMSKI RAT "Iluzije Stvarnosti"

Year: 2012
Genre: Metallic Hardcore/Crust
Country: Serbia 

Track List:
  1. Agonija
  2. Rekvizitor
  3. Urlik
  4. Masakr
  5. Psiho
  6. Atavizam
  7. Bez Slobode
  8. Veliko Danas
  9. Degradirani
  10. Pretnja
  11. Solidarnost
  12. Sadizam
  13. Prividi
  14. Covek Coveku
  15. Marioneta
  16. Ljustura
  17. Kontrola
  18. Smrt
  19. Go Fucking Nihilist (Agathocles cover)
  20. Huominen (Kuolema cover)
  21. Tornion Kevät (Terveet Kädet cover)

One more band from the Balkans that deserves your attention. Atomski Rat ("Nuclear War") are a 4-piece  band from Serbia (Šid) that was formed with an intention to play punk/thrash, and the end result turned out to be a mix of noisy hardcore, crust/d-beat, and crossover thrash. Looks like the spirit of 80's is still alive in ex-Yugoslavian (especially Serbian) metal scene, punks and metalheads unite!

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