Sunday, September 30, 2012

Larva ov Cum - "Rabbia" (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal with clean vocals
Country: Italy

Track List:
  1. Il postulato della rabbia
  2. Trasmigrazione del sordo potere nella citta del palladio
  3. Invocando giustizia nel senato capitalista
  4. Inveendo contro il nuovo codice del cavaliere
  5. Teoria della sottomissione misantropica del folle
  6. Pretendere ancora l'estinzione del padrone

New free EP from this Italian self-defined "Anti-Capitalistic Anarcho-Blackmetal (A.C.A.B.)" project, titled "Rabbia" ("Rage"). At first I thought I'm about to listen to a noise/industrial album after hearing the intro track, but the subsequent tracks turned out to be quite good BM (with rather unusual vocals, though). Overall, if you've heard LoC's first demo, then you know what to expect. Release notes (in broken English, but I left the original grammar and spelling intact):

"This time I told about the difficult situation of italy (we live in a bank dictature), the ex president Silvio Berlusconi and the U.S. Army's  bases in my little city. With this EP I try  to tell that is the Fascist Republic of italiy in this time  In Italy the situation is very hard, Some worker are pratically slaves of own job, Poor salary, lot of work [...] This isn't a country for anarchists or dissidents: Here they want only slaves"


  1. Hi dude, i just wanted to ask if u have reuploaded other albums than the ones in your list at the top left corner of the blog. I've seen that some skagos is accesible though sendspace although u havent put them on the recently upload list.

    1. Of course, I've reuploaded 135 albums (out of ~650) so far. The list indicates only 10 most recent reuploads, and is updated every time I reup something (last time I did it was about a week ago, though, because of problems with my internet connection and being unable to upload large files). And yes, all the albums by Skagos are reuploaded too.

  2. ok thanks for answering comerade!