Friday, August 10, 2012

Incrüst - "A Hate Named Revolt" (2012)

INCRÜST "A Hate Named Revolt"

Year: 2012
Genre: Metallic Hardcore /Crust
Country: Switzerland

Track List:
  1. Wall Crusher
  2. R.A.T.M.
  3. HxC Riots
  4. Free Mankind
  5. A Hate Named Revolt
  6. Time To Act (NASUM cover)

Some more fast and agressive metallic hardcore/crust for you - this time from Switzerland. Incrüst are a band from Geneva with members of Mumakil, Sedative and Burning Flesh, and "A Hate Named Revolt" is their debut 6-track demo heavily influenced by such bands as Disfear, Wolfbrigade, Tragedy, Disrupt, etc. Great stuff.


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