Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Solbrud - s/t (2012)

SOLBRUD "Solbrud"

Year: 2012
Atmospheric Black/Death Metal

Track List:

  1. Bortgang
  2. Øde Lagt
  3. Dødemandsbjerget
  4. Skyggeriget
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Solbrud are a band from Denmark, rooted in the leftist/anarchist movement of Copenhagen centered in the new youth house (Ungdomshuset) where they rehearse, help arrange shows and so on (though they're not a directly political band in terms of lyrical messages). It's their debut full-length album, that's available for free @ bandcamp, as well as self-released gatefold vinyl limited to 500 copies, and as digipack CD released by Euphonious Records/VME.

You can read a detailed review of it here, but I must add that I can't fully agree with comparing Solbrud to WITTR - while they're definitely influenced by WITTR, I think their music is primarily rooted in the Scandinavian scene. Overall, their music may be somewhat unoriginal, but quite decent for a debut. Looks like Danish metal scene isn't very big when compared to those of Sweden, Norway and Finland, but now we have a band from there that isn't only worth attention, but also shares our beliefs.


  1. nice, downloading, I will give you my feedback once I give it a listen.


  2. The album is good, there are 2 tracks that got me to the album, Øde Lagt and Dødemandsbjerget, totally catchy riifs and intersting atmosphere they created, I liked it a lot, though I think they could do a lot more on every track, it seems they have the potential.