Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dottie Danger - "Большое обречье" (2012)

DOTTIE DANGER "Большое Обречье"

Year: 2012
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metal, "Punk Noir"
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Озеро Великан
  2. Литл Лав
  3. Веролом
  4. Лемурия
  5. Знай
  6. Служили Два Карателя
  7. Вечная Ледяная Власть

It's very hard to determine the style in which Dottie Danger are playing. Their music is often labelled as post-hardcore, but in fact it's an eclectic mix of everything, from rockabilly to black metal. The band themselves prefer to call their music "Punk Noir". Anyway, their sound is quite original, and at least first 4 tracks on this album are really remarkable. The rest 3 tracks are somewhat weaker, but the whole album still can be considered way better than any generic hardcore release. Can't guarantee if you like it, but check it out if you like experimental stuff with wide range of influences (from rockabilly and stoner rock to metal), surrealistic lyrics and advanced musicianship.

Members of Dottie Danger also play(ed) in Distress, Maria: Abort Chosen, What We Feel (who were arguably the most prominent Russian hardcore band, and definitely one of the best), and several other bands.

"DOTTIE DANGER is a heavy rocking band from Saint-Petersburg hardcore punk underground. They prefer to define their genre as “punk noir” - the term perfectly fits the noisy clash of ferocious guitar riffs, gristle-throbbing rhythms, haunting melodies and dark, twisted lyrics.

The band formed in 2005 and after several line-up changes now consists of five personalities strongly devoted to their path of kicking ass, spoiling young minds and surviving on weed and instant noodles. They’ve toured Siberia, Ural, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Karelia and Central Russia regions, leaving their jobs behind in the name of pagan madness.

Forever Fuck The World"

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