Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Sons Of Dead Druids - "The Dead Druid (demo)" (2012)

THE SONS OF DEAD DRUIDS "The Dead Druid (demo)"

Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. The Birth of a Son God
  2. The Ethereal Hunter
  3. The Laments of the Tree of Flesh
  4. The Malice of the Twilight Devils

TSDD is an one-man band (sometimes a duo) from Mitchell, IN. Here's TSDD's first demo "The Dead Druid", which, I should say, is quite raw - but raw in a good way. Personally I like it a lot, and the only downside of this demo in my opinion is that the songs are somewhat monotonous and all like each other. According to the author, the lyrics on this demo deal mostly with paganism, transcendentalism, and fantasy.

"...I don't really want anything to come from my music. I just enjoy making it and would like to put it out there for others if they are interested. While rough, it is DIY, so I hope someone else may hear it and want to start playing"

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  1. The link is down.If you can get another one up I guarantee I'll love it.