Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flagellant - "Apotheosis" (2012)

FLAGELLANT "Apotheosis"

Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black Metal/Punk
Country: Germany


"There are two bands named Flagellant. One is from Sweden, and the other one from Germany. Both bands play blasphemous, satanic black metal and have released one demo" (

Here we are talking about Flagellant from Germany, a Munich-based one-man project which just released a new demo, consisting of 4 untitled tracks (mixed into one long track). According to the man behind the project, he's standing in the tradition of critical theorists from Hegel and Marx to Adorno, so he thought that "a demo submission to your blog is a far better idea than sending it to any dumbass NSBM-Shitface (which I wouldn't have done anyway)". As for music, I'll agree with Evrom's opinion: "Interesting release, production is very poor but music seems to be quite inspired, with atmospheric & raw aspects".

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