Saturday, March 31, 2012

Words - s/t (2012)

WORDS "Words EP"

Year: 2012
Genre: Metallic Crust/Sludge
Country: Mexico

Track List:
  1. Red Fascism
  2. Cannibal Feast
  3. When Civilization is No Longer Enough
  4. Burn Brightly
  5. Ligeramente Enamorado del Diablo
  6. Watching Me Breath
  7. The Dust

Boring band name, but good music. Words were formed in 2010 and have played with many bands since then, including Antimaster and Inservibles (local Mexican bands), and also opened for Dave Phillips (ex Fear of God), Eskatologia (Sweden) and La URSS (Spain). Here's their debut release - 7 song EP which they recorded last year and released on cassette as well as in digital form in January 2012. They define their style as "crust/sludge/stenchcore/whatever" (all of which is good in my book).

Upd. 12th April: Initially, I was about to post this EP right after I received it (end of March), but then I decided to ask the band about the meaning of the lyrics for the song "Red Fascism", which I didn't fully understood. According to them, it's a song about totalitarianism in the animal kingdom - specifically about ants and their instinctual discipline.

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