Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sinat Hinam - "שנאת חינם" (‪‎2007)


Year: 2007
Genre: Blackened Crust, Stenchcore
Country: Israel

Track List:
  1. Nevu'at Za'am
  2. HaBayit Harev
  3. Sho'a Azmit
  4. Kiyum Apathy
  5. Sinat Hinam
  6. Aqedat Yitzhak
  7. Untitled

Sinat Hinam, a very obscure band that was formed circa 2005 and disbanded in 2008, were probably the one and only crust band with lyrics entirely in Hebrew. Moreover, they were the only known crust band in Israel who incorporated some elements of black metal into their music (until Tamut Amen were formed). There's not much info about Sinat Hinam, but at least their list of influences looks quite good: Axegrinder, Amebix, Wretched, Nerorgasmo, Dir Yassin, Napalm Death, D.S.-13, Motörhead, Hellshock, etc. They described their music as "a neandertalic caveman crushing the angel of death's head on the ruins of the jewish temple in jerusalem" (c). Line-up:

Gad- Guitar (Mit'an, Hummus Grinders)
Oleg- Vocal
Alon- Bass (Mondo Gecko)
Tom- Drums (D9, Mit'an, Hummus Grinders)
Yanir - Guitar (Mondo Gecko, Hummus Grinders, ex- Mega Pigu'a)

Past Members:
Petel - Bass
Oren - Guitar
Yonatan - Drums
Nadav BxAx - Vocals

If I'm not mistaken, some members of Mondo Gecko are now playing in TamutAmen)

Translated tracklist (can't guarantee the accuracy of these translations, though):
  1. "Nevu'at Za'am" = Prophecies
  2. "HaBayit Harev" = Sword Home (still don't understand what it means... sheath, maybe? - B.K.)
  3. "Sho'a Azmit" = Self Immolation (literally "Self-Holocaust")
  4. "Kiyum Apathy" = Existential Apathy
  5. "Sinat Hinam" = Irrational Hatred (but it looks like a more complex concept which is difficult to translate, like "Saudade" or "Weltschmerz" - B.K.)
  6. "Aqedat Yitzhak" = Binding Of Isaac
P.S. According to rumours, this EP was recorded during one night, on a studio where one of the band members worked as a security guard. Don't know if it's true.


  1. maybe not crust, but definitely check out Nekhei Naatza for Israeli hardcore punk with lyrics (topics such as anti-religion and the usual social commentaries) in Hebrew

  2. Sin'at Hinam is hate without a reason (like hate from prejudice)
    HaBayit Harev (h-a-rev, not h-e-rev) - it means the house is being destroyed or is collapsing.