Monday, January 30, 2012

Piĉismo - "toH, tlhIngan Hol DajatlhIaH 'e' DaneH'a'?" (2000)

PIĈISMO "toH, tlhIngan Hol DajatlhIaH 'e' DaneH'a'?"

Year: 2000
Genre: Harsh Noise / Esperantocore
Country: Ukraine / Russia / Lithuania

Track List:

  1. qatl pIm ramvam Hoch rammey je
  2. etDaq lIy vIlegh
  3. lotlhwI bom wej
  4. mutlhegh vIyajchube bogh Hech
  5. aqtu mellota

...Well, I think I'm OBLIGED to have at least one release of this extraordinary band on my blog. Pichismo are the legends of ex-USSR underground punk scene. Formed in January 1993 (!) in Tsuryupinsk (south Ukraine) as an anarcho-punk band singing in Esperanto (!!!), Pichismo have a vast discography and a long history of lineup changes. The band is led by Gleb Maltsev, who's currently residing in Kaunas (Lithuania). This year he'll be 40 years old, but he'll remain a true punk forever! He's a polyglot and constructed languages enthusiast, and all his lyrics are in Esperanto and numerous other conlangs (Ido, Klingon, Toki Pona, Volapük, etc.) It's hard to believe that there was someone listening to crust in rural south Ukraine back in the early 90s - but Gleb was.

It isn't hard to find the detailed biography of Pichismo, if you're interested. As for this release - it was recorded in 2000 at St.Petersburg in collaboration with members of numerous other DIY noise projects. "toH, tlhIngan Hol DajatlhIaH 'e' DaneH'a'?" is extreme noise with lyrics in Klingon (yes, you got it right - it's the language of aliens from Star Trek). Recommended to those who like really weird and noisy stuff.


  1. Awesome... as a big fan of Unholy Grave, I picked up their split tape with Pichismo on the Ukrainian D.A.C. label years and years ago; the Pichismo stuff on that tape was a really excellent mix of grind and anarcho-punk. Except for that, the only stuff I've heard by this band is on compilations, and is mostly instrumental noise. Excited to check out another full recording of theirs!

    1. Yes, I know they have done a split w/ Unholy Grave, but I haven't listened to it yet (but I definitely will, I like Unholy Grave too). So far I've listened to "Subita Merdo" (1993, raw punk), "P.P.P.", "Ĉiĉismo", "Bored Of The Conlangs", and this one.