Monday, November 7, 2011

ciikada - "mono chrome horrific {emulation obscene}" (2010)

ciikada "mono chrone horrific"

Year: 2010
Genre: Industrial Blackened Crust / Grindcore
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Vitamysterium
  2. The Hand, The Morning Star.
  3. You Get nothing
  4. And Emptyness
  5. (Any Order) The Withered Tree
  6. honi soit qui mal y pense
  7. Palace
  9. Inhaling the Fumes of the Pit and in Tongues We Speak
  10. Blazing Eye
  11. Glorious
  12. Corridors... Choking Stench
  13. Swank Shithouse
  14. Treblinka
  15. Hooked on the Obscene
  16. Like Tears in the Rain
  17. The Navajo Know

My dreams continue to come true: I wished there's a RABM friendly band playing industrial BM / blackened crust / grindcore (or at least something in the vein of Anaal Nathrakh), and ciikada are playing almost exactly such kind of music. The sound of "mono chrome horrific" was one described as "Fukpig meets Aborym", and it's quite accurate IMO. The whole album is very good and strongly recommended to the fans of blackened crust, as well as the fans of digital hardcore/grind. Lyrical themes are: anti-NWO, anarchism, personal freedoms, nonsense poetry, social commentary, etc.

All the music and most of the vocals on "mono chrome horrific" were made by Justin, the man behind ciikada - but according to him, ciikada isn't quite an one-man project. If I'm not mistaken, he lives in Austin, TX, and is currently working on two new projects: a blackened d-beat band (its current working name is Krig Blåst), and an anarchist BM band. He's also a host of radio show "Feel The Darkness", and if I understood him right, he used a lot of music from my blog in it.

source (BTW, the whole blog is great and definitely worth checking out)

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