Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shaytankutak - "Жаз" (2011)


Year: 2011
Genre: Post-Metal
Country: Kazakhstan

Track List:
  1. Шу
  2. Актобе
  3. Жок
  4. Жаз
  5. Аспан

Shaytankutak (Шайтанкутак) is a duo from northern Kazakhstan which was formed in 2007 as a political/satirical grindcore project. The band name can be literally translated as "Satanic Penis" or "Satanic Dildo". After releasing some noisegrind demos (which, to be honest, are just unlistenable), they finally recorded a "serious" 5-track album, the music on which is relatively far from grindcore. I'd say it's rather post-metal with strong BM and sludge influences, and some acoustic parts. Finally, a really interesting metal release from Kazakhstan! Recommended to everyone who likes progressive metal, post-hardcore and post-black metal. Sadly I can't understand the lyrics, but I guess they're political (at least track #3 is claimed to be about Domodedovo airport bombing).

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